As an interior designer, I work anywhere in the world.
Together with a group of artisans, with whom I have been working with for years, I execute high quality projects in many different materials and finishes... authentic made in Italy.

The work of an interior designer or interior decorator is not limited to simply dividing and beautifying interior spaces in a purely aesthetic manner. Above all, it is design that involves many aspects, each very different from the other, making them work together, seeking a balance between the beauty and functional living needs of space.

This concept extends not only the design of homes, but other buildings and areas, such as reception and recreational areas, work environments, offices, wellness centers, etc.
Another facet I believe to be fundamental to my job as an interior designer is that of meeting the client’s needs and taste. 
Designers, be they interior architects or designers, should never put their personal taste or choices over that of the client. Rather, they must put all of their experience to play, guiding their client through the best choice in materials, colors and shapes, creating harmony between living spaces and furnishings.